Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, after the Great Potty of 2005, we had no further pottyings; however, he asked every few hours to sit on the potty. At least he tried. He sits through about 10 books (which are, I suspect, the reason he actually wants to sit on the potty), and then he annouces, "It was a good try. I done." I think the next pack of diapers we buy will be the training kind, where he'll feel wet when he pees in them. Hopefully we're at least headed the right direction. My goal is to have him trained by 3, and he's not yet 2.5, so we're on our way. Keith keeps waxing poetic about all the money we'll save when Owen's out of diapers.

Ari Kyle had a very rough day yesterday. I blame those teeth, the two middle ones on the bottom, that I swear I can see glittering just below the surface. He fussed, and slept briefly, and fussed some more. Repeat this scenario all day long, and add to that his need for Mommy Only, and it was a long day for all of us. Finally, around 3PM, even though it was rainy and windy out, I bundled the both of us up, put him in the sling, and we went outside for some fresh air. Between the wind and the umbrella I had to man-handle, it wasn't the most pleasant of walks for me, but he seemed to calm from being outside, and had a relatively good evening after that. Keith gave the boys a bath while I made dinner, and they both love baths, so it was a momentary solace.

I spent most of yesterday making the first round of baby food for Ari. He now has on hand yellow squash, zucchini, carrots, white potatos, sweet potatos, mango, pears, and strawberries. I need to do a second round with peas, green beans, red peppers, peaches and blueberries. For now, he has food. He sampled sweet potatos last night, and was impressed. He's had yellow squash, carrots and green beans before. But everything else will be new for him. I can't believe how much he's eating already. He'll be six months old next week. He's growing up fast! And Ari turning six months means I've reached my initial breastfeeding goal! Keith wants me to continue pumping, and for Ari's sake I'd like to, but I can't think about it right now, not until we get to six months officially. I hate pumping, I really do. So I keep putting it out of my mind. I guess we'll cross that bridge next week.

Owen has a flu shot today, poor boy. It's been many moons since he's had a shot. I had a flu shot last Thursday, and it wasn't too painful, thankfully. Hopefully Owen won't be too scarred.

Looks like Blogger has changed their comments, and now you can comment without having to sign in or comment as Anonymous. Hopefully more people will comment now, since it should be a simpler process.

It's Monday, and I'm already tired.

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Deanna said...

I've been meaning to ask you if your boys share a room, or do they each have their own room? My two girls are going to have to share a room once the baby outgrows the bassinet, so I'm looking for others who've had similar situations and how they made the transition.
Good luck with the flu shot and Owen today!