Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Good Vibrations

The last few nights have been so nice. No tantrums, no melt-downs, no time-outs or taking away of toys. Owen's in a good mood, and he's minding me most of the time. Ari's relaxed and willing to hang out while I cook dinner or fold laundry. They've both been going to bed with relative ease, and I've been able to do chores after they're asleep most every night. It's eery.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I've been feeling good this week, about several things. I don't know why; it's minor. But the days feel kind of, full of promise or something. In short:
  • The days are getting longer. I heart sunshine.
  • Betsy's baby is almost here. Oh, and Alex's baby, too.
  • My parents (and hopefully brother?) will be visiting soon.
  • My children are bringing me joy once more, as opposed to making me psychotic.
  • I've lost a few pounds.
  • We've taken steps forward on a couple of big projects that will change our lives.
  • Keith's off for a few days this week.

Without overstating it, I can say that we've moved forward, albeit only inches, on starting the process for adopting our next baby. It's a 9 - 12 month (or more) process, so we'll have to start now if we want to wrap things up by the first part of next year, which is our timeline. One of the most exciting developments is that I've recently located a local agency that can assist us with a Korean adoption. We were under the impression, both from our own research and from contacting numerous agencies, that healthy children couldn't be placed in our state. But last Saturday night I found an agency who told me it was no problem. The lady I spoke with Monday morning put the literature in the mail to me, so I'm expecting to receive it any day. Short of any major pitfalls (extended travel of more than 3 weeks, costs excessive of a standard international adoption), I'm almost ready to declare this as our preferred agency and country. We're investigating other options, of course; it would be impracticable to go with Korea over a country or method that was significantly less expensive or was a better fit for our family. But I'm keeping all fingers crossed that the program looks good. One added benefit is the Korean governments health standards, which list acceptable BMIs for adoptive parents. I am currently over the acceptable BMI, but not by much, and it would be a great incentive for me to get ye olde butt in gear. So I feel anxious to get the information, to make a decision, to do something.

You want to know something really crazy? If we manage to work out the kinks and go through with the adoption, that means that somewhere, out in the world, there is a lady who is pregnant right now. She's nurturing a new little life, wondering what to do, possibly already considering adoption. That little life could be our son or daughter! Now if that doesn't boggle the mind, I don't know what will. I can't really let myself explore the emotion behind that yet, not until we've set everything in stone. But really, wow.

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