Friday, January 28, 2005

Happy 5-Months, Ari!

Dear Ari,
You are now officially 5 months old! Only one more month until we reach the halfway point of your first year. Truly unbelievable. You've changed so much this month, and seemed to develop such a personality of your very own. This is a great age. At five months, you:

  • are approximately 20 pounds.
  • wear a size 3 diaper, and mostly 6 - 9 month clothing.
  • take 4 to 5 bottles over a 24-hour period (breastmilk, yay!).
  • are eating solids up to three times per day.
  • like carrots, yellow squash, and baby oatmeal.
  • do not like avacadoes, and green beans are to be determined.
  • are trying very hard to sit up, and you can do it for short amounts of time.
  • have mastered rolling over, both ways, and you roll all over the place.
  • are attempting to get up on all fours, but haven't quite made it yet.
  • chatter and coo all the time! Even in the middle of the night.
  • are pooping with much more regularity, thank goodness.
  • take big boy baths with Owen in the big tub! And you love it.
  • are teething, and drooling through several bibs each day.
  • don't hardly ever cry. You laugh, and talk, and every now and then fuss, but rarely do you cry.
  • love the exersaucer and the jump-up, because you like to be upright and look around.
  • really like baby toys, especially rattles and musical toys.
  • love your brother, and you stare at him all the time.
  • don't sleep very well. You average 2 to 3 wakings each night.
  • are napping around 4 hours on a good day, maybe 2 hours on a not-so-good day.
  • laugh and smile a lot, especially at strangers. You are a big flirt.

What a good place we're in right now, Ari. Yes, we're still tired, but you've become such a good little guy. Your smile is the bright spot of my day when I go pick you up after work. You're always happy to see me (even when your brother isn't!). You're a snuggler, and I love giving you that last bottle before bed and rocking you to sleep. You throw your arms around my neck and nuzzle down when you're tired. I just love it.

Every new day brings change in your relationship with your brother. Owen has long grown used to sharing his parents, and will even include you if he thinks it will help get our attention ("You play Letter Factory with me, Mom? Ari can play, too!"). He's used to having you around all the time, and in the past has pretty much ignored you. But the more interactive you become, the more interested he gets. Last night I found him "reading" books to you, and trying to show you the pictures. He tells me that when you get bigger, you will walk and talk like him. I am enjoying watching you two, as brothers, get to know each other. I believe you boys will be sometimes enemies, sometimes allies, but always best friends.

I am so proud to have you, Ari. Taking you out is so much fun. You're a charmer, with that huge smile and peek-a-boo routine you do. Sometimes when you're supposed to be sleeping, I go in to check on you, and you shine that huge grin on me, and what can I do but grab you up and cover you with kisses? Your smile and your face touch me in a very special way, differently than your brother or anyone else. We're bonded, you and me, if for nothing else, then because of the rocky time I went through after having you. But it's something different. We're old souls, you and me, kindred spirits. I hope you have a little of your mommy in you, especially since Owen is his daddy's boy. Maybe you'll be my reader, my artist, my brooder. Or maybe you'll be a sports freak like your brother. I'm okay with either. All I really wish for you, Ari Kyle, is joy in your life. You've certainly brought me enough.

All my love always,


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