Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Update: The Boys

Owen's skin is going crazy with this cold, dry weather. He has the most fair and sensitive skin I've ever seen, and every little bump or touch makes a mark on him. He also has some mild eczema, which is what's driving him crazy right now. Last night he laid on my bed and cried, scratching his knees and elbows and arms. I felt so bad for him! I didn't really know how to help him, so I slathered on some Avon lotion that is really thick and creamy, and he said that helped the itching. I put sweats on him so he couldn't scratch himself anymore. I'm going to CVS after work to stock up on Cetaphil soap, body wash, and lotion. My friend's daughter has the same sort of skin and eczema, and her dermatologist told her to bathe her infrequently (3 times a week) in Cetaphil products only. It's helped her daughter immensely, so I'm trying it on Owen. Sadly, his feet smell funny after only 1 day, so we will have to wash the feet more often than 3 times a week. He is a little boy, after all. But at least it's not summer, so he's not getting all sweaty.

Ari, whose skin is beautiful and smooth and perfect, throws up all day long. He keeps down only about half of what he eats. It's become concerning in the last few days, and I'm beginning to wonder if he has some sort of reflux. We've been trying to monitor how often he throws up (I would say 'spits up' but it's way more voluminous than your average spit-up), and if he throws up breastmilk and formula, or just breastmilk. It seems like he's fine after a formula bottle, which he gets at his nighttime feeding. Keith wonders if there's something about the breastmilk that's making him sick. I haven't changed my diet recently, and I'm not taking any medicines or anything, so I can't imagine that he's having trouble with the breastmilk. Either way, it's concerning, so we'll have to address it at his check-up on January 10th. He'll be getting his 4-month shots that day. I won't be there, which makes me so sad. Keith will be with him, but I have to work. Poor Ari, it seems that a little baby should have his mother present when his fat, scrumptious thighs are poked by strangers!

Has anyone else noticed how much more I'm posting now with Blogger? It's so much easier than my old page. So nice. So Blogger.


Anonymous said...

after you bathe Owen, put the lotion on him with his skin still wet from the bath and then try to let him air dry. The dermatologist I worked for told all the eczema patients that; it seems to hold the moisture in the skin better. Hope he gets to feeling less itchy...

Aitch said...

Yes This is so much better! Poor little Owen skin.

Aitch said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, my sister who is almost 20 sufers from very, very bad untreatable excema. She has tried all sorts of prescription drugs too and nothing has worked, except.....Emu Oil.

Ever since she started using it her outbreaks have been almost non-existant and not even itching anymore. I mean hers was so bad she would wear gloves in the summer!

She got it from a health food store.... Might ask about that if its okay for kiddies to use.